A quick overview of my home network as it currently stands.

PFSense is the gateway router, running on a Mini ITX white box. The new build was to replace my Soekris Net4501 running M0n0wall when my ISP inscreased my bandwidth and the Elan cpu was too slow. Right now I am only using the routing and firewall but in the future would like to setup SquidGuard as well.

Time is my repurposed Soekris running NanoBSD/FreeBSD 10 and serves primarily as an NTP server for my network.

FreeNAS is running on a Micro HP server with 16 GB of RAM and 4 2 TB drives in a RAIDZ2 (ZFS) volume. Currently not running any jails but in the future I may try to move the Crashplan client from VMware to a jail.

VMware ESXi is running on a Mini ITX whitebox with 8 core Atom processor and 32 GB of RAM. VMware is running on a small 40 GB SSD (I was originally going to try Proxmox which has problems running from a USB drive.), a 500 GB drive for VMs, (all storage is local) and a 4 TB drive for snapshots and slow storage.

Backup runs the Crashplan service and backs up FreeNAS and the desktops through SMB shares. In the future I might move this to a jail on Freenas

Logger is the central log server for my network running the ELK Stack (Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana) currently all servers are sending their logs here besides VMware. I am using a really nice dashboard for PFSense Elijah Paul posted on his blog and I want to take a look at setting up the VMware ESXi dashboard from the SEXILog Project. In the past I was running GrayLog but I haven't checked out their updated version.

Minecraft runs a small occasionally used Minecraft server.

NS1 is the master BIND9 server and the DHCP server for my network. ISC-DHCPD updates the zone file when it leases addresses. Google's DNS ( and is setup as a Forwarder.

NS2 is a slave BIND server setup for redundancy.

Owncloud runs a self hosted DropBox like service OwnCloud. The PHP webapp runs on Apache and MariaDB. The main storage for the site is on a virtual drive on the local 4 TB slow storage drive in VMware and the site runs an extension to access files shared on FreeNAS.

Puppet is running Puppet I installed a while back to check it out. I haven't really done any actual deployments yet, just small tests.

Python and Ruby are both used for developement to keep everything seperate and accessible from wherever I am working.

SOCKS is used for SOCKS5 Proxy when I am outside my network and my primary entry point. I also run Irssi in a screen session so it is accessible whether I am on a computer or my phone and some other tools.

Stream runs a PHP app Ampache which streams music and video through a webplayer or the API to various clients. It can also serve as a front-end for MPD for local play. The app is running on Apache and MariaDB.

Wireless Networks

I am currently running 2 Access Points, one for A/N on the 5 Ghz spectrum on a Buffalo Networks AP and B/G on the 2.4 Ghz spectrum for some older devices running on an old Linksys router running DD-WRT. The 2.4 Ghz spectrum is really overcrowded so I would like to move off of it completely.

Future Improvements

Besides moving aways from the 2.4 Ghz network I would like to partition my network up some with VLANs but my current switch doesn't support VLANs. In addition to paritioning off the wireless network with a VLAN I would like to setup a guest network and then a RADIUS server to improve the security. Unrelated to the network, I would like to setup a VM running MariaDB and move all all the local databases (OwnCloud, Ampache, Kodi) onto a central server.