The other day my friend sent me a link to this comic.

Comic Credit Commit Strip

Comic Credit: Commit Strip

So I probably need to stop talking about my Kodi integration with my LIFX Bulb. This is actually something I had been interested in for a while since I saw the Kodi Boblight Addon..

Early on their were a couple simpler Kodi addons for LIFX bulbs that would do things like dim or turn off the light when playback started, then I found Matthias Hutsebaut's Kodi-LIFX addon.

There is some Linux permissions issue but I was able to work around it by modifying the plugin to use the lifxlan python module. Originally the addon was created the packets to control the LIFX bulb on it's own which was a little over my head.

If you are having issues on Linux you can get try my fork. Matthias has since added some fixes and features for some things so the Linux permission issue may be resolved now.

Eventually I would like to similarly modify the Kodi Boblight Addon to use the lifxlan module. It has a few more functions for detecting when video starts and stops on Kodi and such which would allow me to do things like save the current state of the bulb before playback starts and return it to that state when playback is paused or finished.